Sunday, November 18, 2012

November PTA Meeting Notes

Art City Elementary
PTA Meeting
Monday, November 5, 2012, at 10:00 am

Attending: Sarah Ferrin, Katherine O’Donnell, Stacie Mason, Kellie Chatfield, Tiffani Richins, Arryn Patten, Autumn Jones, Jeni Neel, Lori Nielsen

The minutes of the October 2 board meeting were reviewed.

Stacie Mason reviewed the Treasurer’s Report

Christmas Wish Trees: Autumn Jones
Everything is good to go

Carnival: Jeni Neel
More info on Photo Booth: $350/2 hours; we provide someone to collect money
Contact person is Rachel Garcia
We charge $1 per strip (or $1 per 2 strips); each sitting gets 2 identical photo strips
Motion to approve amending budget to include $350 for photo booth (Kellie Chatfield); seconded (Tiffani Richins)
Vote was taken and was unanimous in the affirmative
When to deliver dunk tank for field day? (Night before, then fill in morning)

Publicity: (Kristine was sick)
Kristine would like to highlight librarian, teachers, staff, etc. on blog (Lori OK’d)

Membership: Kellie Chatfield
discussed online quarterly report: needs approximate # of volunteers as well as volunteer hours

Principal’s Minute: Lori Nielsen
Veteran’s Day assembly changed to Tuesday, November 13, at 10:00 am
Schoolwide essay contest: “What the American Flag Means to Me”
ROTC will post colors; guest speaker; retire old school flag

President’s Report: Sarah Ferrin
ACE was selected by paper ballot as the name for our Spirit Day mascot
How to sell extra t-shirts?  Sign in office; have Ronda collect money
Seizure training will be Dec. 3 @ faculty meeting; by Stacie Duncan, school nurse
Kellie suggested short training for students as well; also blog post to encourage parents to talk to kids
Sarah already talks to students in her son’s classes
County will do asthma training; we need to schedule
How to spend funds from Walk-a-Thon?
$8000 granted to school

Sound system (audio enhancement) in classrooms $1000
Computers $500
iPad check-out libraries $700-900
LED lanterns for ER kits
2 additional bike racks
digital reader board
P.E. equipment (mats)
Lori will check on matching funds from Nebo Foundation
Needs assessment: add place for parents & students to give suggestions for walk-a-thon money
Nominating committee to help select next year’s board members
Need names by December 1; 1 from board
Sarah will email PTA members to solicit input for walk-a-thon grant suggestions as well as volunteers to serve on nominating committee

Thank-you notes: Katherine O’Donnell will write notes to commissioners of Halloween Parade, Walk-a-Thon, Book Fair, and October SEP dinner

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 am.
The next PTA meeting will be Tuesday, December 4, at 10:00 am.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Fair!

Every reader is a star to be celebrated! Help us celebrate your star during our Scholastic Bookfair going on now through Oct. 26. Come cheer for all of our Art City families in a special event Tuesday, October 23 from 5:00 to 6:30pm. The week long party will also include a special late night of shopping on Thursday, October 25. Mark your calendars and lets celebrate our star readers at Art City Elementary! See you soon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Newsletter

For those who want an electronic version!

Here's the link:

October PTA Meeting Notes

Art City Elementary
PTA Meeting
Tuesday, October 2, 2012, at 10:00 am

Attending: Sarah Ferrin, Katherine O’Donnell, Stacie Mason, Arryn Patten, Jeni Neel, Lori Nielsen, Laurie Edwards

The minutes of the September board meeting were reviewed.

Welcome to Stacie Mason, new PTA Treasurer

Volunteer hours recorded for September

Stacie Mason reviewed the Treasurer’s Report

Reflections: Commissioners need help on Wed., Oct. 3 at 8:00 am to process entries

Red Ribbon Week: October 8-10
  • Day 1: Pajama Day (“Live Your Dreams”)
  • Day 2: Wear favorite team shirts (“Keep Your Head in the Game”)
  • Day 3: Wear RED for Red Ribbon Week
  • Assembly on the 10th

Halloween Parade: Laurie Edwards
  • Laurie is having knee surgery this month; needs help with carnival
  • Sarah will contact list of volunteers 
  • Parade will start at 1:15 pm due to Early Out

  • Awards assembly October 19
  • Limo ride on October 24
  • Money comes in starting Oct. 8; help need to count money Oct. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16

Book Fair
  • October 22-26; M until 3 pm; Tue until 6:30 pm; W until 2:00 pm; Th until 8 pm; Fri until 3 pm
  • Money is counted and deposited at the end of each day
  • Stacie will get cash to have on hand at the beginning of each day

Principal’s Minute: Lori Nielsen
  • Thanks for all you do!

President’s Items: Sarah Ferrin
  • Michael Vey assembly October 16 for grades 4-6 to promote literacy
  • Spirit competitions on Friday
    • Eagle mascot stuffed animal will rotate among winning classes
    • PTA to sponsor a naming contest for stuffed eagle
  • Photo booth at carnival (Jeni Neel)
    • $350 flat fee
    • since tickets go through Custom Events, cash would be better for booth
    • Jeni will get more info & specifics and follow up
  • Asthma and Seizure training for teachers and students
    • School nurse is willing to do seizure training for teachers (at faculty mtng)
    • County will train students with asthma
  • Kindness Campaign
    • Kellie suggested (via Sarah) that we launch a kindness campaign; each week students can write about a situation where they showed kindness
    • Lori can choose one story each week to read on the announcements
    • Sarah suggested purchasing a copy of the book “Can I Play, Too?” by Mo Willems for each class & presenting the story to the students
    • Discussion about kicking off the kindness campaign: using the above book?; balloons in lobby?; balloon release?; eagle poster where kids add feathers for each act of kindness? (but same purpose as bucket fillers)

Thank you notes: Katherine O’Donnell will write thank-you notes to commissioners of Emergency Prep., Reflections, Room Mothers, and School Pictures

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 am.
The next PTA meeting will be MONDAY, November 5, at 10:00 am.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Transitional Kindergarten Team

left to right: Sarah Ferrin, PTA President; Doreen Barker, TK teacher; 
Karen Burton, TK teacher; Lori Nielsen, principal
Being awarded the PTA Service Award

Karen Burton grew up in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. She has four sons ages 24 down to 14. Her oldest son is married, and she says, "Now I enjoy having a daughter!"

Karen has taught for 6 years. One of her favorite things about teaching is celebrating every small accomplishment. 

She loves working out, blogging, traveling, singing, and mobile photography. 

About her own elementary years, Karen says, "I remember being completely mesmerized by my teachers when I was young. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Park was my hero when she would discipline Keith Brown for peeling and eating his crayons."

Doreen Barker grew up in Lehi, Utah. She has 1 awesome husband, 6 great children (4 married) and 10 adorable grandchildren.

Doreen has been teaching for 12 years. She loves teaching because she knows she is helping to build the future of the children she teaches.

She loves gardening, sewing, cooking, crafts, camping, history, traveling, and her grandchildren.

When asked about a favorite memory of her elementary years, she said "I loved the Halloween party that they would have at the school every year. I also loved learning the times tables."

Jennifer Poulsen grew up in Mapleton, Utah. She is married to Brad Poulsen and she has a son who is 14 and a daughter who is 11.

Jennifer has been teaching for five years in the Nebo school district. One of her favorite things about working with children is that simple things make their day.

She loves having late nights with her mom and sisters.

Here is a fun memory of Jennifer's elementary years: "I went to Mapleton Elementary. I could do a cherry drop from the bars on the play ground and knew I was hot stuff!"

Thank You so much to our transitional Kindergarten teachers!
And congratulations on receiving the PTA Service Award this September!
We are grateful for all you do to help our children.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Green Ribbon Week

September 24-28 will be Art City's Green Ribbon Week. Green Ribbon Week focuses on preventing pedestrian and automobile injuries. Children are at greater risk for pedestrian related injuries due to their small size and inability to judge distances and vehicle speeds.

Please have your child use the green ribbon that was sent home to tie on their bag or backpack as a reminder that green means "go" safely while traveling on the streets.

The upcoming events for the week are as follows:

Monday: Poster Contest
Bring your poster Monday morning! Posters should focus on safe practices for walking, biking, or riding scooters to school. Any medium can be used such as crayons, colored pencils, paint or collage.

Tuesday: "Step It Up"
Wear mismatched shoes and socks today! Also sign the pledge posters on the outside of the school pledging safe practices while walking to and from school.

Wednesday: "It's Really COOL to Walk to School"
Show your support of Green Ribbon Week by walking to school today!

Thursday: "It's Not CRAZY to be Safe"
Crazy hair day!

Friday: "Green Day"
Wear green today! A drawing will be held for prizes today in an assembly.

Walk More In Four 2012 calendars are due no later than Friday! Let's get these back and see if our school qualifies for a cash prize!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soaring, soaring high...the Art City Eagles!

Attention All Art City Eagles!

Remember to wear your school shirts, or the school colors—blue and gold—on Friday, September 21st for our first school spirit day. The class with the highest percentage of students wearing school colors will win a prize on Monday!

Emergency Kits


This is just a reminder that Friday, Sep. 21, is the final due date for each child to have their Classroom Emergency Kit turned in. Remember that our purpose is to make sure that each child has items they need, in the event that an emergency should arise and the children would be directed to stay at school. We have original forms in the office if it has been misplaced. Thanks so much for your support in helping our school be prepared!

Friday, September 7, 2012

September PTA Meeting Notes

Art City Elementary PTA Meeting

Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at 10:00 am

Attending: Sarah Ferrin, Katherine OʼDonnell, Arryn Patten, Kellie Chatfield, Lori Nielsen, Jeni Neel, Amber Park, Erica Madon, Annette Sorensen, Susanna Brunson, Kristine Walton
The minutes of the June board meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Emergency Kits: Susanna Brunson
•note home 9/7; kits due 9/21
•school can purchase water
•blankets and flashlights are in each classroom 

•possibility of purchasing LED lanterns for each class?

Reflections: Annette Sorenson
•Entries due Wed., October 3; forms in office
•Decision was made not to do after-school workshop
•help needed Oct. 3 at 8:30 am to process entries (Sarah, maybe Arryn)

Health and Safety: Erica Madon
•Erica will go to Summit on Sept. 13, hoping for ideas
•Green Ribbon Week Sept. 24-28
•Discussion of ideas for Green Ribbon Week: walk to school day; pajama day; Green day
•Flyers for “Walk More in Four 2012” went home Friday

Walk-a-Thon: Amber Park
•Sept. 28 kick-off assembly; envelopes home with students
•Oct. 5 Walk-a-thon; grades 1-3 in morning, grades 4-6 in afternoon
•Donations will be due Tuesday, Oct. 16
•Awards assembly Oct. 19
•Ideas for improving event include meeting with teachers prior to walk-a-thon 

•Discussion on rewards. Kids loved limo ride the most. Maybe one grand prize instead of two. Grand prize-bounce house rental? Prize for winning class? Sumo wrestling last year was a hit. What activities are teachers comfortable participating in? (Kissing/chasing a pig; pie-eating contest)
•Discussion on how to spend money from fundraiser. Ipads for teachers? School set of ipads? A new bike rack? LED lanterns? Electronic message board? No decisions were made, but lots of good ideas discussed.

Carnival: Jeni Neel
•Discussion about possible dates for carnival in May. Decided to try for May 10th; use May 17th as a backup
•Art City gets 10% of proceeds + dunk tank for field day
•Trying to keep cost and options same as last year 
Art City Elementary
•Arryn suggested selling pizza by the slice; Dominos didnʼt want to last year; maybe find a new vendor?

•Looking for parent to train and help with radKIDS; hoping for a commitment of several years (good luck!)
•Sarah suggested sending an email soliciting parental help and then seeing if anyone is willing to be trained

Membership: Kellie Chatfield
•Membership numbers are on track; enrollment at Art City is slightly down 

•Discussion about restructuring Back to School night. Lori suggested adding “Back to School Night” activities (general meeting and parent visits to classroom) to the Open House the day before school starts. Many more parents are at the open house than the scheduled Back to School Night.
•Discussion on encouraging parents to attend the general meeting--sandwich it between other activities? Offer incentives for attending?

Publicity: Kristine Walton
•Blog and Facebook will be used to promote our theme, “Catch the Spirit” 

•Ideas for publicity: highlight teachers each month? Book recommendations? Everyone agreed with both suggestions.
•Lori reminded us that if we post pictures of students, only use first name

Presidentʼs Items: Sarah Ferrin
•Council PTA Meeting at Art City on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 9:30 am

•We need a reverence (Katherine was nominated in her absence) 
•Sarahʼs ward Webelos pack will do flag ceremony
•Service presentation on Transitional Kindergarten team. Lori will gather information for the presentation. Ronda will contact husbands and family of recipients. Lori suggested having TK students sing a song at the meeting.

•Refreshments for about 30--juice and muffins and fruit. Kellie will help
Sarah with this. •We still need a treasurer.
•T-shirt orders are going in this week. Kellie will check with teachers and get back to Sarah.
•Spirit Day awards for Spirit Fridays (for wearing school shirts or school colors). The class with the most spirit wins an award the following Monday. No decision on what to use for the award. Kellie suggested inviting students to submit a paragraph on “How I Catch the Spirit of Art City.” Could be combined with a school writing assignment.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 am.
Next meeting will be Tuesday, October 2, at 10:00 am. 

September Newsletter

Here's a link to the Art City Newsletter for the month!

Art CIty Newsletter, September 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walk More in Four 2012

Art City School is participating in the Utah Department of Transportation's walk to school program during the month of September. A yellow calendar was sent home for your child to mark every time he or she walks, bikes or scooters to school this month. Extra calendars are available in the office. The goal is to walk to school at least three days a week. The participating school with the highest percentage of students completing the program wins $500. Every student that meets the goal will be entered to win prizes awarded by the Department of Transportation. These prizes include bikes, scooters and helmets. If your child is unable to walk to school, you can still participate by practicing safe walking or biking habits each day in your neighborhood. Calendars must be turned in by Sept 28th to qualify.